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Blog Posts in 2015

Attorney Castle Involvement on the ICTY

Attorney James Castle shares about his involvement on the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). The ICTY was established to address the Balkan war crimes that took place ...
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What to Do After an Arrest

Colorado State is starting to get a reputation as one of the more lenient states in the country when it comes to criminal violations, especially those related to drug crimes. Despite this idea, there ...
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Illegal Drug Crimes in Colorado

The War on Drugs has been going strong ever since it began in the 70's. Law enforcement agencies and federal organizations have been trying to deter people from involving themselves with ...
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Substance Abuse & Teen Crime: Is There a Connection?

Everyone knows that substance abuse among teens is a serious problem that must be dealt with, but do we really understand why ? One study showed that about half of adolescents have abused an illicit ...
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Marijuana Possession in Colorado: What Are My Rights?

In November 2012, the state of Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana. As one of the few states to pass such legislature, residents were thrilled at this newfound freedom. All that to ...
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